How to Make Banana Water for Plants

a jar of water soaked with bananas

Why bananas?

If you are ever worried about any unknown chemicals in commercial fertilisers, this is something that will be very helpful to you. Bananas are a great choice to create all-natural and organic fertiliser that will allow your plant to thrive. It is high in potassium, magnesium, copper, and many more compounds that accelerate the growth of plants. Banana water can be used on your fruits and vegetables as they are completely safe and free of chemicals.

How to do it

Making banana water is really easy and making it only requires the banana skin, you are free to eat the fruit. When making the banana water, the trick is ensuring that there is a good ratio of banana skin and water, and to do that, you should have one part banana skin to three parts of waterFor the nutrients in the skin to be extracted, you should soak them in the water for at least 3 days, or until you can no longer see any yellow on the skin. Once most of the nutrients have been extracted into the water, you can then just water it normally onto your plants.

Can you just put the bananas directly onto the soil?

Yes, you can. But the bad thing about placing the bananas directly onto your soil is that:

  1. The nutrients will take a longer time for it to reach the deeper roots
  2. It will attract a lot of fruit flies
  3. It may become moldy and may become a hotspot for germs

If possible, it is better to soak it in water; If not, then at least bury it deep so that it does not attract fruit flies.

How often should you make banana water?

Well.. as often as you want. Bananas are all-natural and it is quite difficult to “overdose” your plants. However, it will be a good idea to make sure your plants also receive a sufficient amount of clean water.

What should you do with the leftover skin?

Just pour it together with the banana water and let it get onto your soil. Because most of the nutrients have been extracted into the water, the skin has now been broken down and will no longer attract any fruit flies even if left in the open. In a matter of days, the skin will rot completely and further fertilise your soil.


Do not soak the bananas in the water for too long as after a while, the water will start turning red due to the chemical reactions and this can have negative consequences instead. Soaking it for 3 to 5 days will be good enough to ensure your plants receive lots of nutrients. The only drawback when making banana water is that after a few days, it gets really smelly, and would be best if the water is not taken indoors as it can really fill the entire room with its foul smell. 

To sum up, making banana water for plants is a really easy way to enrich your plants using all-natural and organic materials. It is very safe and can be used even for plants meant for consumption. 




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