How to Grow Garlic from a Clove

a bunch of freshly harvested garlic

Garlic is a staple herb that every household must have. Most people buy garlic from their local supermarkets but did you know that planting your own garlic is incredibly easy and it grows really fast too! In this article, we will be showing you how to grow your own garlic at home.

What You Need

For this project, you will need the following: 

A pot 

Garlic bulbs/cloves

Some water

The Container

Choosing the container that you will plant your garlic in is extremely important as it needs to have good drainage and drainage holes at the bottom. You should select an 8" to 12" container that is large enough to fit the top of the garlic clove without any water intrusion. This also helps retain moisture so the garlic will grow faster. 

The Location

Garlic is a native plant to the Mediterranean and its heat and dampness-inducing compounds thrive under the right conditions. Garlic is only grown in sunnier places and when you have a sunny and dry spot, you can put your planter with garlic in there and watch your garlic grow from the comfort of your home.

The Soil

Garlic will love loamy soil with some organic matter in it. Garlic is a bulb plant and needs good airflow in order to be able to grow well. You should add a little compost into the soil once a year to ensure healthy growth. One of the best ways to put compost into your soil is to give your soil a makeover by getting a compost tumbler. You will save money and time by using a compost tumbler and you get better quality soil for a small price. The type of soil you use will affect the taste of your garlic but the overall health of your plant and yield is dependent on what type of soil you use. 


All you need to do is purchase your garlic bulbs at the nearest store. Garlic bulbs are fairly small and are usually ready to plant after about 10 days. 

Place the garlic bulb in a pot of water. Place your pot in a dark area of your house and avoid any bugs. Leave your garlic pot to start its first growing cycle. Once you have grown your garlic bulb, it’s time to take action. Once the garlic has started growing shoots, transfer it to your container and make sure that they are planted at least 4 inches apart. Water it every two to three weeks

Garlic Maintenance

The best time to plant your garlic is in the late summer to early fall. At this time of the year, the weather is cooler and prevents the garlic plants from burning up. The garlic will develop roots and each year it is best to cut off the top 1 inch of the garlic so the roots will have room to grow. Garlic has a pretty amazing growth cycle and will grow anywhere in the range of 50 degrees Celsius and above.


Growing your garlic is so easy, yet, people are hesitant to try it because they think it is too complicated. Well, let me assure you that growing your own garlic is not difficult and, in fact, the process is quite simple. Not only that, you will reap plenty of benefits in terms of health, safety, and money. So, get out there and plant your own garlic today!



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