How to Grow Chilies From Fresh Seeds

a bunch of chillies grown from fresh seeds

The perfect place to grow chilies is outside on the patio or in a greenhouse if they have enough space. Chilies need to be grown in a sheltered spot, with protection from frosts, rain, and wind.

The first step is to prepare the soil by digging it over and adding well-rotted manure and compost. The soil should be reasonably wet but not waterlogged – check by inserting a spade into the ground and pulling it out – if any water comes with it then you should leave it for a few days for the water to drain away.

One of the most popular varieties of chili plants is Bhut Jolokia or "ghost chili" as it's also known. This variety of chili plant can grow up to 2 meters tall, which makes it suitable

Growing chilies from fresh seeds are relatively easy and can be done at home. The following are the steps in growing chilies from fresh seeds:

  • Put the seeds in a wet paper towel and keep them in a warm place
  • Always keep the paper towel moist
  • The seeds can be planted after two to three weeks when they germinate

Once seeds have germinated:

  • Choose a sunny and sheltered place to sow the germinated seedlings.
  • Prepare the soil by mixing in organic compost, manure, or garden soil.
  • Spread out the freshly sown seedlings evenly on the surface of the soil and cover them with more soil.
  • Keep watering daily and transplant them to larger pots when they reach about 4 inches in height (approximately 1 month).

How to care for chili plant

There are three main categories when it comes to caring for chili plants: watering, sunlight, and fertilization. The frequency with which you water your plant - whether you sprinkle it with water or give it a good soaking - depends on how hot your climate is, and the type of soil.

  • Spray the plant with water when you feel like it needs some love.
  • Make sure the soil does not dry out.
  • For best results, do not overwater the plant.

How to fertilize chili plants?

If you want to fertilize your chili plant, you should water it first. Next, you need to sprinkle a mixture of manure, lime, and fertilizer on the ground around the plant. Lastly, wait for a week before harvesting your chili peppers or seeds.

How long does a chili plant take to grow?

A chili plant can take up to 3 months to grow and then it takes about 3 months more for the chili to ripen.

The time it takes for a plant to grow depends on the type of plant. It also depends on the environment and climate where the plant is grown. For example, some plants might need more water than others or have different soil requirements. As a result, how long it will take for a specific plant to grow will depend on these factors.


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