How to Plant Ginger Root

Ginger can be planted from seeds or small pieces of root. For best results, ginger needs to be planted during the fall season and then harvested in mid-winter when the weather is colder for optimal growth and flavor.

If you are planning to grow your own ginger, you need to make sure that you have plenty of light and warm temperatures throughout your garden which will allow it to grow in large quantities with minimal effort from you.

The following conditions are necessary for ginger to grow:

  1. Sufficient light
  2. Humidity around 80%
  3. Moist soil
  4. Well-drained soil
  5. Temperature between 15ºC - 26ºC

How to plant ginger root?

Ginger can be grown from the root to flower in as little as a few months, and it is easy to get started. When planting a piece of ginger, make sure that you are planting it deep enough so that its root will not be exposed to the air and temperatures will not fluctuate too much. The roots need to be submerged in water for about 10 minutes before planting.

Use soil or potting mix designed specifically for vegetables, not dirt from all around the house. While it can be used for other plants, it may be too heavy and allow too much water retention on cold days which can cause root rot.

Ginger roots need to be always kept moist and should not dry out for longer than a week.

How to harvest ginger

Harvesting ginger is a simple process of cutting off the top of the plant with your hands and then scraping out the roots. You can also dig up the plant to harvest all of its parts.

The key is knowing the right time to harvest your ginger. You should wait until the stalk has reached its full height before harvesting any more roots so that the plant will be able to continue growing fresh leaves as well as mature roots for future harvests.

How long does it take to grow ginger?

The time it takes to grow ginger depends on the soil and climate. The ginger plant takes around six weeks for its roots to fully develop.

The ginger plant grows very fast, flowers, and then produces a very long root that stays underground until it's ready to be harvested.

The ginger plant grows into a 2- to 4-foot high shrub with pale green leaves and has tiny yellow flowers. Ginger is typically harvested when the roots are one year old and let to dry in the sun for up to a week before they are ground into powder or chopped into slices.

Ginger can be stored at room temperature for several months; however, it usually does not have a long shelf life because it begins to lose its flavor after six months out of the ground. After one year, ginger should be discarded because it becomes too woody with age.

How to grow ginger in cold climates

When growing ginger in cold climates, plant it in a pot for it to be moved around easily. Ginger is a plant that can be easily grown in cold climates. Just follow the steps below to grow ginger at your home:

Select a sunny spot for the plant's garden.

  • Plant the ginger root in well-drained soil, in a pot that is about two inches deep and three inches wide.
  • Cover the ginger with about an inch of soil, then water it thoroughly. Do not allow it to dry out completely!
  • Place the pot on a sunny windowsill or on top of a heating vent, if possible.


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