How to Plant Lavender Seeds

a field of lavender plants

Lavender is a member of the mint family, and it requires a lot of attention such as watering and fertilizing to grow well. It can be difficult to grow lavender at home because it needs lots of light, space, and aerating soil. 

Lavender can be grown in almost any climate but grows best in a temperate zone. It can be planted fresh or from seed and has a long-lasting fragrance that can last up to six months.

Lavender tends to grow in other plants' shade and should be kept away from taller plants that could disrupt its growth.

How to propagate lavender

The most common way of propagating lavender plants is by dividing the root ball into smaller clumps and planting them in pots filled with potting soil

You can also propagate lavender by layering the stems over each other and covering them with plastic to make a barrier over the surface.

How to grow lavender from seed

The first step of learning how to grow lavender plants from seed is having enough sunlight. Make sure you plant your seeds in a place with lots of sun such as on the windowsill or near the window. After you start seeing your seeds sprout, it is important that you always keep them moist, so they don't dry out. You should water your lavender plants every day until they have established themselves and their roots are established in the soil. Once your flowers start blooming, you can fertilize them once a week with flower fertilizer if needed.

How often to water lavender

Lavender is a plant that requires a lot of attention to stay healthy, so it's important to know when it needs water.

The best time to water lavender is twice a day, morning and evening.

Lavender needs more water than other plants during the growing season. So, make sure you are watering it at least twice a day during the growing season. It can also be watered once per week during the rest of the year. If the soil is too dry for the plant, add a layer of mulch around the plant and place rocks or gravel on top.

How long does lavender take to grow

To grow lavender plants, you need to start from seeds as soon as possible after the last frost in your location.

The optimum time to plant lavender is in late winter. It takes about six to eight months for lavender plants to grow before they flower and produce a good harvest.

How much sun does lavender need?

Lavender needs full sun to thrive, but it can also survive in partial shade. It grows easily and prefers rich soil that has good drainage. You can plant lavender in pots or directly into the ground.

how tall does lavender grow

Lavender grows up to around 3 feet tall in general but can be much taller in some locations. To maximize its growth potential, ensure that the soil has good drainage and is well fertilized.


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