How to Grow Mint From a Cutting

a lady handling a pot of mint plant

Growing mint from a cutting is surprisingly simple, all you need is some potting soil and a container to place the cutting in.

Start with a fresh mint leaf. Cut the stem below the leaf. Place the cutting in a glass of water, and watch it grow roots. The roots will eventually make their way to the bottom of the glass, and then they will make their way to the soil. 

  1. Fill the container with potting soil and make sure that it is deep enough for the roots to be completely submerged.
  2. Place the cutting into the container about 1/2 inch deep so that it sits on top of the soil.
  3. Cover up the exposed roots with soil by patting gently on them until they are completely buried in the dirt.
  4. Water your new mint plant well and place it in a sunny area that receives at least 6 hours of sunlight per day or use a grow light if necessary

How to water mint plant

The best way to care for your mint plant is to provide enough light. A sunny window in the kitchen or living room is perfect so that it can grow.

You should always make sure to plant mint in a pot that has drainage holes in it because the plant needs plenty of water and drainage holes will allow the water to drain out of the pot and help prevent root rot. You should also make sure that when you are watering your plant, do so slowly at first and then gradually increase how much water you add so as not to shock the plant.

How long does a mint plant take to grow?

The answer to this question is quite simple, the mint plant takes approximately 4 months to grow. 

The growth of a mint plant is dependent on the type of plant. For example, peppermint plants grow much more efficiently than spearmint ones.

The main factor that determines how long it will take for a mint plant to grow is the type of plant you are growing. Peppermint plants grow much faster than spearmint plants because they can reach maturity in as little as 4-6 weeks.

Grow your mint plant in a small pot and it can be planted outside in the summer or in an indoor pot during winter.

Fertilizing your mint plant

Fertilizing your mint plant is optional, but it can help the plant grow faster and produce more leaves. Add water-soluble fertilizer when you water your mint or use a liquid organic fertilizer at least once a month.

To fertilize mint with compost, dig a hole in the ground and place the compost inside of it. The mint should then be planted next to the hole and covered with dirt. Next, water the plant often to keep it healthy and thriving.

How to tell if the mint plant is ready for harvest?

Ideally, you want to harvest your mint after it has reached 4-6 inches in height and the leaves have grown full and robust. To help determine if your plant is ready for harvesting, look at the color of the stem. When it is green, you should harvest your mint. If it is brown or black, wait until it returns to a green color before harvesting again.

If your plant does not meet these criteria when you try to harvest it for use in a recipe or drink, then you can cut back on the frequency of watering as this may be why your plant is not growing enough to allow for successful harvesting.


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