How to Plant Sweet Potatoes in a Pot

a crate of sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a nutritious and versatile vegetable that is often overlooked. They're also incredibly easy to grow, so take advantage of this opportunity and try growing your own.

It is easy to raise sweet potatoes indoors in pots or on the windowsill, but they can also be grown outdoors in a protected area. The soil should be loosely packed to allow water to seep through easily. They will need the same care indoors or out - it's best not to overwater them and make sure they have plenty of space for air circulation.

Where to grow sweet potatoes

The best place to grow sweet potatoes is in a region that has a long period of frost-free seasons. They can be grown successfully in the tropics but will not produce as much yield as they would if they were planted further north.

The best time to plant sweet potatoes in the southern United States is between April and September. Sweet potato plants need an area where the temperature ranges from 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit for at least six weeks.

A climate with a hot summer and cool winter will result in sweet potatoes that have a light, crispy texture, and white flesh while a cold winter will produce fruit with dense, orange flesh.

How to grow a sweet potato vine

First, choose a location for you to grow your plants in. Then, purchase a pot with drainage holes and fill it with organic potting mix. Plant the tuber into the soil, then cover it with additional organic compost and let it sit for at least a week before deciding if you want to move your plant outside or not

How to grow sweet potatoes in containers

Sweet potatoes grow well in containers with soil that drains quickly. However, they require ample water and fertilizer to thrive.

Once you have your soil prepared, all you need to do is plant your sweet potato seeds 3-4 inches deep into the container's soil. Within five weeks, you should be able to harvest perfect sweet potatoes for your kitchen from your indoor garden!

Containers can be placed on balconies or patios, making them easy for you to expand your harvest and start your own backyard farm.

When it comes to growing sweet potatoes in containers, the key is making sure that they have the right amount of light. One way to achieve this is by placing them on top of old window screens or cardboard boxes with holes cut into them. 

How long to grow sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes require about 100 days to grow. After this time, they can be harvested, canned, frozen, or eaten fresh.

Sweet Potatoes are often thought of as a vegetable that does not need much care. While it is true that the soil does not need to be enriched for sweet potatoes, they still require nutrients and water to grow. To achieve optimal growth, you will need to provide your sweet potato with the right amount of nutrients and water-based on its size and maturity level.


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