How to Care and Water Jade Plant

a bunch of healthy looking jade plants

The jade plant is a succulent plant that grows in arid regions of Asia and Africa. It is often referred to as “the money tree” because if you can grow one then you can make a lot of money. There are many varieties of jade plants, but all have some form of green leaves with jade-colored leaves on top that range in color from light green to dark green or even purple depending on the variety.

Jade plants are gorgeous indoor plants that require a lot of care. There are many ways to keep your jade plant healthy and happy.

  • Water it at least twice a week, but not too much water.
  • Keep it in bright light when possible.
  • Be careful not to over water your jade plant or you will risk root rot!

How often to water jade plant

Jade plants are considered as a type of succulent, meaning that they need to be watered differently than other types of plants. Generally, jade plants should be watered at least once a week.

How to propagate jade plant

Jade plants are beautiful plants that can be propagated in many ways. The most popular method for propagating jade plants is by separating the leaves from the stem. Once the leaves have been removed, you should place them in a pot filled with soil and water.

Planting your jade plant into a pot is not enough to propagate it, but you need to take care of it as well. Jade plants need proper drainage so avoid planting them in pots that don't allow for this. You should also water your jade plant on a regular basis and make sure that you don't let it dry out too often because it will need its roots off the ground to produce new shoots and leaves.

How big do jade plants get

Jade plants can grow to be as large as 6 feet tall and wide and can be planted in pots, planters or gardens. Some jade plants can grow to be even bigger than 12 feet in diameter.

How much sun does a jade plant need

Jade plants can grow under a variety of light conditions. They are best suited for sunny environments as they require ample sunlight. However, they can also grow in shady areas if they get enough sunlight during the day.

Jade plants require approximately eight to twelve hours of sunlight per day for optimal growth.

How long do jade plants live

Jade plants are a popular choice among homeowners because they are hardy and easy to care for. They also have an eye-catching aesthetic that draws many homebuyers into wanting these plants in their homes.

Jade plants can live for over 30 years and many people who have them in their homes can attest to their living for decades.

How fast do jade plants grow?

Jade plants are known to grow exceptionally fast, but they can also take a while before they reach their full potential. Some species of jade plants can even take up to five years to fully grow.


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