How to Grow Sweet Corn from Seed

a bunch of sweet corn and how to grow them

Sweet corn is a popular vegetable and can be used in many recipes. Growing it is both easy and rewarding. It can also be sold at local markets and restaurants when it’s in season.

Growing sweet corn at home has never been easier than it is right now because of the advances in technology. With a few simple tools, anyone can grow enough sweet corn for their family meal or sell it on the side of their house when they are ready.

How to plant corn seeds

Corn seeds should be planted directly into the ground in a small hole that has been prepared with manure or compost. The soil should be moistened using a garden hose before planting each seed, and you should cover them as soon as the sprouts appear.

Corn seedlings should remain in the soil for about two weeks before being transplanted into larger pots or planted directly into the ground.

How long does it take for corn to grow

To plant a single ear of corn, it takes about 6 weeks from germination to harvest time. After planting the whole ear of corn, it takes about 2 months for roots to develop before they are ready for harvest as well.

How to care for a corn plant

Corn plants are not actually vegetables as they are typically thought of. They belong to the grass family and have tall growing stems and leaves. Corn plants are well known for their ever-growing leaves and long, beautiful stalks. They require a lot of nutrients to grow and flourish, so they should be watered regularly and fed with a high-quality fertilizer as needed.

It also needs to be kept from getting wet during the rainy season as this can lead to root rot. It is important to remember that corn plants need at least 6 hours of sunlight per day.

How many ears of corn grow on one stalk

The number of ears per stalk varies according to type of corn but on average, there are about 100 to 120 ears on a stalk. Corn seeds are planted by hand but most agricultural machinery can also be used to plant them.


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